Temp / Contract staffing is when employees are hired to perform specific functions in a contractual relationship for a client company and for a defined period of time.

As a RPO consultant, we bring to bear an entire internal recruiting infrastructure – the people, process, technology and the resources. RPO agencies are increasingly being preferred by companies for talent acquisition because by doing this the company gets several advantages: to devote more resources to focusing on strategy, improve accuracy, offer services it otherwise could not and dedicate resources to enhancing core business.

Novus Tribe provides verifiable metrics with its Talent Sourcing, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition process outsourcing that reduce cost at least by 30 % regardless of the firm’s size and at best can go much higher. Novus Tribe RPO offers manpower solutions that puts client companies on a level playing field with the world’s top companies. For some clients, we provide the entire internal recruiting department. For others, our consultants work alongside the existing internal recruiting team to augment the firm’s hiring capacity. Novus Tribe RPO can manage the entire recruiting function, not just a subset like sourcing.

Talent Sourcing, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Process Outsourcing, as a general rule, delivers good number of benefits when compared to traditional managed service, master vendor, or preferred or sole supplier relationships offered by Talent Sourcing, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition companies. This is because Talent Sourcing, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Process Outsourcing involves a comprehensive re-engineering of Talent Sourcing, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition and resourcing within companies and Novus Tribe RPO has well-honed technology practices, close teamwork and business-driven outsourcing expertise.

Novus Tribe is headquartered in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, India, and offers excellent hiring solutions across premier metros within India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, NCR and Kolkata. Novus Tribe services industry verticals such as IT, FMCG, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Durables, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Infrastructure, E-commerce, Manufacturing, BPO/ KPO, Engineering, Healthcare and Life sciences, Insurance, Not for Profit, Agro business, Education, Infrastructure, Media, Retail, Telecom and Startups.

Consistency in approach and methods and constant innovation enables Novus Tribe to deliver excellent RPO services to leading firms thus enabling good results when compared with most other methods of staffing.